Sunburn FAQs

What is sunburn? 1

Sunburn is a burn to the skin caused by exposure to sunlight.  It may result from unprotected and/or excessively long exposure to sunlight.
UVB rays are responsible for sunburn.

How to recognise sunburn? 2

Sunburn involves redness of the skin, itching, pain and occasionally blisters on the affected area.

  • First degree sunburn

    Sunburn causes redness of the skin without blisters.  Itching may be present.  Sunburn recovers untreated within 4 to 5 days without leaving scars or pigmentation.  Depending on the severity of the burn, the skin may peel.
    Osmo Soft can be applied to this type of sunburn.

  • Superficial second degree sunburn

    This type of sunburn is characterised by redness, pain and the development of blisters filled containing a transparent liquid.  This sunburn heals without treatment over 10 to 14 days.  It leaves no permanent complications although dark spots may take longer to disappear.
    Osmo Soft can be applied to this type of sunburn.

  • Deep second degree sunburn

    The skin is white/pink in colour and also has blisters.  This type of burn is more serious and only causes slight pain as the nerve endings have been burned.  This type of sunburn requires a medical consultation and Osmo Soft must not be used in this situation.


    What to do with sunburn? 3

  • In first degree or superficial second degree burns.

    • Stop exposure to sunlight immediately.
    • Cool the area with lukewarm water or take a lukewarm (not cold) bath if the area involved is extensive.
    • Use a substance suitable for sunburns such as Osmo Soft.
    • Do not expose the area in the following dates.  If exposure is unavoidable, cover the burned areas with cotton clothing and protect the uncovered areas with index 50 sun protection.
    • Rehydrate, drinking plenty of water.
    • Monitor body temperature.
    • If you develop headaches, your pharmacist may advise you to take an analgesic.  Ask him or her for advice.
    • For superficial 2nd degree burns, clean the burned area delicately with soap to avoid superinfection or the blisters, without piercing them.  Use of some types of dressings may also be appropriate.  Ask your pharmacist for advice.
2 Conclusion of the clinical evaluation report performed on the basis of clinical studies and supplemented by literature data.