Questions – Answers

I am already tanned.  I therefore do not need to protect myself as I will not get sunburn. 

FALSE. Overexposure to sunlight may cause a skin burn on any type of skin even if already tanned.  Also, regardless of your skin type, unprotected exposure to sunlight exposes you to risks of premature skin aging and skin cancer.

I must not expose myself to sun after sunburn.

TRUE.  Sunburn must not be re-exposed during the following days as the skin has been made fragile.  If exposure is inevitable, cover the burned area with cotton clothing and protect the uncovered areas with a sun screen index 50 protection.

A burn can be cooled with an ice cube.

FALSE. An excessively low temperature may worsen the lesion.  In the event of a burn, the first action should be to apply the rule of 15: under water at 15°C, 15 cm from the tap for 15 minutes.

Blisters should be pierced.

FALSE.  A blister is a skin defence mechanism to protect the burn from contact with the air and bacteria.  Piercing a blister carries a risk of superinfection of the burn.  It is recommended that the area be disinfected using an undyed antiseptic.