What to do with a burn?

1st degree and superficial 2nd degree burns1

General treatment

  • Monitor body temperature and for the development of headaches or vomiting
  • In the event of pain, your pharmacist may recommend that you take analgesics.  Ask your pharmacist for advice.

Local treatment

  • Cool: In order for the burn not to extend and to relieve the “cooked” sensation, the area should be cooled according to the “rule of 15”:
    • Water at 15°C
    • 15 cm distant to the wound
    • For approximately 15 minutes
  • Moisturise: tissue moisturisation must be restored in order to promote healing of the skin.  To do this, a hydrogel such as Osmo Soft is recommended.

Deep 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns

  • Remove clothing from around the affected area unless they are sticking to the skin
  • Cover the burned area with a clean, dry, cotton dressing
  • Position the person comfortably, comfort and look after him/her.  If the burn affects over 10% of body surface area, lie the person down to avoid an immediate state of shock.

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