Domestic burns

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The kitchen

  • Always place containers for water or boiling fluids at the back of hot rings
  • Turn casserole pot handles inwards
  • Do not leave hot plates on the edge of a table covered with a tablecloth which a child may pull on
  • Pay attention to wires hanging from electrical equipment such as a water bath or steam cooking instrument
  • Keep children away from the oven door and hot plates
  • Some aerosol gases are inflammable.  Do not use these close to a heat source
  • Be aware of hot oil!  If it catches fire, put out the flames by covering it with a lid or a wet cloth (where appropriate disconnect the fryer)


The living room

  • Do not approach flames (chimney fires) and electric radiators with synthetic clothing
  • Place electric radiators away from passage area and never cover them
  • Do not leave an iron stayed on unattended
  • Do not touch the bulbs and halogens until they are completely cooled down

The bathroom

  • Do not allow children to enter a bath without checking the water temperature
  • Prefer thermostatic mixers


  • Keep children away from barbecues and use only compact firelighter
  • When riding a motorcycle or 2-wheeled vehicle, be careful with hot exhaust pipes
  • Always protect yourself before exposing yourself to the sun